Who should hire housekeeping services in India?

What is housekeeping

Housekeeping involves the comprehensive management of duties and activities that is required for running a hotel, residential place, office etc.


Housekeeping services are very essential as they manage the entire set of duties and chores that are involved in running a household, hotel, pantry, office or even a hospital for that matter.  In today’s busy and competitive world housekeeping services are required to maintain the proper workflow of a place be it office or residence. So let’s see the need for housekeeping services and why.

1. Hotels

Housekeeping plays a very crucial role in the hotel industry, guests always need speedy service and thus hotel staffs are called upon to provide service with expected standards. Hotel housekeeping services are one of essential factor to return of investment. Since hotel is a service providing industry, the better and quick service creates a good image of the hotel and thus increases its value among competitors.

2. Shopping Malls

Shopping mall is a one stop destination, a place where there are number of stores to provide the buyer his every need. It is impossible to imagine working of such place without proper housekeeping services. These professionals know the specific requirement of maintaining and cleaning a shopping complex thus provide the same.

3. IT Companies

Cleanness in any business organization for example in an IT company is very crucial as it creates an impression to the clients, visitors and employees. Tidiness in business place is very crucial as it affects the working ambiance. Housekeeping services here not is limited to sweeping and wiping but is extends to sorting, scheduling, standardizing, scheduling and sustaining thus playing a very pivotal role. A cleaner and safer work environment is directly linked to profitable business.

4. Manufacturing units

Any manufacturing unit must be maintained, maintenance is not just limited to cleaning and sweeping the floor. Industry specific professional housekeeping service providers provide trained housekeeper who know how to maintain machinery in the manufacturing unit, taking care that the machine or any of its parts are not damaged in the cleaning process.

5. Commercial complexes

Various commercial complex host numbers of small business units, offices, gym, doctor’s clinic and even small stores. Although there are a number of owners that do business in a single complex it is important that they be combined to take housekeeping service to maintain the entire building.  It is said and believed that cleanliness in the workplace is a way of respecting work, so it cannot be ignored at any cost.

6. Shops

Small, medium and big shopkeepers can also hire the housekeeping services to maintain their business place.  Proper cleanness of small business units is very essential as it creates a good, tidy and clean ambiance for business, not ignoring the good image it makes in the client’s eyes.

7. Hospitals

Cleaning and disinfecting hospitals is very crucial to keep infectious disease at a bay. The duty of housekeeping service providers to hospitals includes cleaning and mending all linens, maintaining the sanitation of every floor, operating room, diagnostic room, window, walls and every corner of the hospital. Their duties also include emptying and cleaning waste container and disposing medicinal and other waste as per the hospital procedures.

8. Residential societies

Housekeeping is a vast subject and involves many things, some of them are mainly, floor cleaning, waste disposal service, pest control, glass cleaning, toilet and kitchen cleaning etc.

In today’s busy world for a healthy personal life it is essential that people and family spend time with each other but after a week’s hard work being engaged in the household work is very tedious and time consuming. More over since for the entire week due to time constraints not enough time can be devoted to cleaning house as doing the entire task on weekend leaves no scope for leisure or even any important task for that matter.

For these reasons, professional residential housekeeping services are very essential.

9. Government offices

In India, government offices are unfortunately the most ignored places in terms of cleanness. It is very essential that the administration of government office hires housekeeping service so that such respected place is maintained to maintain the dignity of the same.

Thus, we see that professional housekeeping services are not just about cleaning a place, but it has a much deeper meaning. It would not be wrong to say that housekeeping management in every sector is linked to the maintenance and growth of the business.

There are various housekeeping services in India, but one must always go for a reputed service provider(http://www.groupmagnum.com) to get the best return for investment.


Why Corporates Prefer GroupMagnum for Housekeeping Services in Mumbai, India

Housekeeping refers to the act of furnishing and cleaning the house, which includes responsibilities like disposing rubbish, cleaning dirty surfaces, vacuuming the entire house and various other activities.

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There are various types of housekeepers these include:

Formal housekeeping– Maid is a formal type of housekeeping, the job of a maid includes dusting, sweeping, mopping, light food preparation and afterwards light clean ups.

House cleaner– The job of a house cleaner includes light cleaning task that may include dusting, sweeping, cleaning, dusting and sweeping of the house as well as the bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom may include cleaning mold build up in the shower as well as cleaning the floorboards. Window cleaning is also an important part of the house cleaner’s task.

Commercial housekeeping- The work of a commercial housekeeper includes providing cleaning services to cruise ships, motels, hotels, and office buildings. Duties include dusting, cleaning, vacuuming etc.

Housekeeping Management

A housekeeping manager is responsible for housekeeping management where he is in charge of all housekeeping crews. His task is to assign duties to hundreds of housekeepers who are working under him.

Housekeeping department is an integral part of diversified industries. Housekeeping is not just about cleaning; it is more about cleaning hazardous waste and sterilization. There are many companies who provide housekeeping service, but only few are reputed among this lot. One such reputed name in housekeeping is Group Magnum.

Housekeeping services involve effective cleaning with the view to maintain hygiene and prevent health accidents. Improper housekeeping can lead to accidents that are caused due to hiding hazards, which may cause injuries.

Group Magnum Advantage

One of the leading housekeeping services in Mumbai, Group Magnum provides professional housekeeping services for large IT establishments, software parks, manufacturing units, hotels,  residential societies, housekeeping services for malls, cinema halls and more.

Group Magnum, registered as Magnum Management and Services Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company in Mumbai, India. The highly specialized staff of Magnum makes the house keeping very effective that corporations such as SONY India, Sahara India, Croma, Videocon, Amway simply could not resist to appreciate the quality of the services provided by Magnum. The company employs years of experience to deploy the best of housekeeping techniques and tools for efficient management and maintenance of any premises.

Group Magnum’s well managed house keeping gives these corporations the following benefits-

  • Superior ambiance, hygiene and freshness
  • Ease and convenience in material handling
  • Clutter-free and spill free workplace reduces slipping and tripping accidents
  • Reduced or no fire hazards
  • Reduction in exposure to hazardous substances
  • Better control on inventory and supplies, materials and tools
  • More effective use of space
  • Improves productivity and morale
  • Effective waste management

The company is well known for its quality, safety and environment management models.

Single-Source Solution Provider

Grouping Magnum believes in fulfilling every requirement of the client and understand every aspect is interrelated. With this vision in place, they act as a single-source service provider managing everything for a well-being of the institution or premise that includes facility management, manpower solutions, surveillance equipment, clearing and forwarding, security systems.

The client can get all the services under roof and need not employ different sources for different needs for a single premise. That’s the advantage many organizations are benefiting from when partnered with Group Magnums management and professional services company.

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